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MessagEase for Garmin iQue 1.7

MessagEase for Garmin iQue 1.7

MessagEase for Garmin iQue Publisher's Description

MessagEaseST is The Fastest and Most Ergonomic Text Entry for Your Garmin iQue 3600-- Guaranteed!

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Try it for free for a month!

Please note: If you are a Clie, user, you'll need our MessagEaseST or MessagEaseST Virtual!

If you are a Tungsten T 3 user, you'll want to donwload MessagEase4T3!

MessagEase is the fastest and easiest technology for entering text on your iQue. Replacing your virtual Graffiti area. It empowers you to enter everything-all letters, numbers, special characters-just from one keyboard, without changing mode!

Based on years of research on user interface technology, MessagEase's keyboard is designed and optimized to reduce stylus movement to achieve unsurpassed speed. MessagEase's core keyboard only uses 9 keys, making each key much bigger, and easier to target, than other keyboard keys.MessagEase''s speed is due to its ingenious use of simple taps for entering frequent letters and slides or drags for entering the remaining letters and special characters. In essence your stylus moving about less than 1/2 of the entire Graffiti area can enter ALL letters and characters. This scheme minimizes pen travel beyond what other simple frequency-based keyboards.

You can download and use the MessagEaseST4iQue for free for a month. It takes 1 minute to grasp MessagEase''s concept, 10 minutes to become faster than Graffiti; and three or four sessions of practice to become three to four times faster than Graffiti.

We also have two free palm programs to help you experience MessagEase technology. Ourtechnology is applicable to any language or device; it even works on a cell phone!)


With MessagEase Stamp:

  • You''ll have all letters, numbers and characters found on a regular computer keyboard directly available.
  • You''ll have all common editing functions (Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, command and shortcut) directly accessible.
  • You''ll be able to reprogram your keyboard to include any character.
  • You''ll be able to store about 200 text strings of any length, including command and shortcut scripts!
  • You''ll be able to create scripts of editing, cursor control, and special and custom functions.

With MessagEaseST4iQue you can choose a keyboard with letters on left or letters on right.


For a complete description of MessagEaseST's features, download MessagEaseST''s PDF man.ual from our website.

MessagEaseST is currently available for Palm PDAs (including Tungsten T3 and Garmin iQue) Pocket PCs and Tablet PCs.



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